Are You Registered to Vote?

We need you to vote!

The first step is vital: Registering to vote. By doing this, you will take an active role to†increase the power†and influence we have when dealing with state and local officials, as well as in Washington.

It will also give us more leverage to get legislation passed that would be favorable to the CSCRC and our members, which directly translates into†more work†for you and your fellow union members. Politicians that we elect make decisions that†directly impacts your livelihood†and the health and welfare of your family.†It also Impacts our ability to advance the goals and agenda of your Local Union and the Council as a whole, which in turn affects your livelihood, so please donít take this lightly.

To help make this process quick and easy for you, here are links Ė one for the whole country and then state-by-state, to either register to vote, or confirm that youíre ready to vote in November:



Union carpenters are the backbone of America, letís show them our Power and Rock the Vote!†