Houston Members Help Those in Need Beat the Heat

Local 551 members again stepped up to help the community by providing the manpower for the annual “Beat the Heat Relief Initiative”. U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee coordinates this program. This year marks the 20th annual Initiative, held this year on August 21 in Houston. The program gets air conditioning units installed for families seeking relief from extreme heat and COVID-19.

“We should never risk the lives of seniors, children, people with disabilities, and those with underlying conditions, who are most at-risk for health-related complications from Houston’s extreme heat, compounded with COVID-19, specifically in minority communities,” Lee said.

Many thanks to Local 551 members D. Mario Shields, Tracy Evans, Derek Salazar, and Craig Mitchell for doing such a great job. They are shown in the photo, left to right, with the Congresswoman in front and her aide on the far right.