LU551 Members Help Fast Post-Hurricane Harvey Recovery at NASA

It took a lot of hands and hearts to rebuild and recover from Hurricane Harvey, and Local 551 members who work for PAE at NASA’s Sonny Carter Facility provided both. The men and women were treated to a luncheon recently as a thanks for getting the critical training facility back together as quickly as they did.

Many thanks to members: Santos Cruz, Omar Fuentes, Germain Joseph, Maria Robles, Ernesto Gomez, Donald Wyche, Gary Richardson, Tony Rodriguez, Elias Olague, Da Marquis Blow, Jose Sauceds, John Lambert, Mike Gibson, Breanna Haggard, Juan Lozano, Anthony Garlinghouse, Kevin Blanchard, Kim Nordin, Rudy Rodriguez, Edger Ruiz, Roberto Prado, and Geraldo Gallagos.

According to the NASA website, the Sonny Carter Training Facility provides controlled neutral buoyancy operations in the facility water tank to simulate the zero-g or weightless condition which is experienced by the spacecraft and crew during space flight. It is an essential tool for the design, testing and development of the space station and future NASA programs. For the astronaut, the facility provides important pre-flight training in becoming familiar with planned crew activities and with the dynamics of body motion under weightless conditions.

JSC named the facility near Ellington Field in 1995 in honor of the late astronaut M. L. "Sonny" Carter, who was instrumental in developing many of the current space-walking techniques used by the astronauts. Carter died April 5, 1991, in a commercial plane crash. Carter flew on a Department of Defense Shuttle mission in November 1989 and was training for his second flight at the time of his death.