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LU551 Members Help Fast Post-Hurricane Harvey Recovery at NASA

It took a lot of hands and hearts to rebuild and recover from Hurricane Harvey, and Local 551 members who work for PAE at NASA’s Sonny Carter Facility provided both. The men and women were treated to a luncheon recently as a thanks for getting the critical training facility back together as quickly as they did.

Many thanks to members: Santos Cruz, Omar Fuentes, Germain Joseph, Maria Robles, Ernesto Gomez, Donald Wyche, Gary Richardson, Tony Rodriguez, Elias Olague, Da Marquis Blow, Jose Sauceds, John Lambert, Mike Gibson, Breanna Haggard, Juan Lozano, Anthony Garlinghouse, Kevin Blanchard, Kim Nordin, Rudy Rodriguez, Edger Ruiz, Roberto Prado, and Geraldo Gallagos.

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Texas is INSTALLing it Right

INSTALL had to jump-start training to provide reliable installers across Texas. Our training programs were helping, but we needed jobsite reinforcement to drive home the lessons learned.

Typically, apprentices work on jobsites with experienced, INSTALL-trained mechanics. These mechanics serve as mentors and sharpen the skills learned in our training centers.

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50-Year Members Honored

At it’s February Local Union meeting, Local 551 celebrated the long-term activism and loyalty displayed by two members. Council Reps Maria Robles and Kenneth Fontenot awarded 50-year pins to Alvaro Andrade (shown on left) and Leonel Balderaz (shown on the right).

Sharpening Steward Skills

A number of members from Central South Carpenters’ Local 551 recently attended a steward training class taught by Council Representative and Council President John Edwards. This particular group of professional carpenters have worked for many of the Council’s signatory partners, such a Freeman, GES, Way-Tech, W. S. Bellows & Brochstein.

The group learned the aspects of understanding both the member’s problems and concerns along with the employer’s. They heard the importance of being a good listener, and the need to have empathy for all involved in any issues that arise. The class also reviewed topics such as how to handle stress, the pitfalls of dealing with difficult people, team building and the structure of their union agreements. Many of the participants said they felt better equipped to represent the members and contractors on issues that arise on the job sites based on what they learned in the meeting.

The Importance of Soft Skills Highlighted by Union Contractors

Contractors responsible for building the International Operating Engineers’ new training and conference facility in Houston held a special jobsite meeting with 80 members of Local 551 to review the soft skills that are needed to make the project successful.

General Contractor W.S. Bellows and interior systems contractors Standard Drywall and Odom Construction joined with Council Representatives Jesse Rico, Rigo Davila and Terry Darling to talk with the crews about jobsite attitude, job performance, and the history and pride of the carpenters union.

A good Q&A was held in both English and Spanish and the crews were treated to pizza during the event.

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Operating Engineers Training Center Built from Carpenter Expertise

Who better to create an elite training campus than professionals who have gained their skills through a superior training program of their own?

It takes one to know one, and that unique wrinkle is translating into superior work being delivered to the International Union of Operating Engineers in Crosby Texas by Central South carpenters on behalf of their employers.

Local 551 carpenters are putting versatile skills and specific training to work on the flagship training facility and conference center for the Operating Engineers. Those carpenters are working for general contractor W.S. Bellows and subcontractors Odom Construction, Brochsteins and Image Flooring on this project.

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Productive, Safe Scaffolding Work Provided for STP Nuclear Plant

More than 100 scaffold builders from the Central South Carpenters Regional Council (CSCRC) are turning in top-quality work at the South Texas Project (STP) nuclear power plant in Bay City, Texas. In fact, the CSCRC responded rapidly to changing needs and communicated any challenges, resulting in a 99.9 percent success rate in bringing skilled workers to the project.

Day & Zimmerman is the general contractor at STP. The company confidently bid for the work knowing that the Council had the trained, experienced and properly credentialed manpower needed to do the work.

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